Peter Rabbit Book Series

Beatrix Potter is well known for her timeless character Peter Rabbit. Loved by children of all generations, Peter Rabbit comes to life in brand new series based on the well-loved children’s books.

We have taken a look at three of the books from the new series, Happy Christmas, The Peter Rabbit Club and the Secret Treehouse Sticker Book. Here’s what we thought…

Happy Christmas

Norfolk Mums | Peter Rabbit Book Series

It’s a very cold and snowy Christmas Eve and Peter Rabbit has work to do. Peter and his friends embark on an exciting, yet dangerous journey delivering presents to everyone in the woods. After sledging and lots of snowball fights, Peter and his friends finally make it home to celebrate a wonderful Christmas together.

This hard back book is thick and sturdy, perfect for little peoples fingers (even if they can’t read yet!). There are lots of brightly coloured, festive scenes illustrating Peter Rabbit’s exciting journey.

Peter Rabbit is a character that children will be able to relate to. Not only is this book fun for children to read, it also teaches children a lesson. Whilst Peter Rabbit is having fun with his friends, he still has a job to do and he does his best to get it done.

This book is available from Amazon for Β£3.99 and would make the perfect addition to any young child’s Christmas list.

The Peter Rabbit Club

Norfolk Mums | Peter Rabbit Book Series

Peter Rabbit and his friends start their very own club in the treehouse. They celebrate by having a snack adventure in Mr McGregor’s garden when the beastly band try to spoil their fun. Will Peter Rabbit and his friends manage to escape?

This book features 32 pages of glossy, colourful illustrations to capture your children’s imagination. The map of Peter Rabbit’s woods makes a wonderful addition, allowing you to see were everyone lives. There is a clubhouse illustration, detailing all the best parts of the treehouse as well as a members certificate for your children to complete.

This book is available from Amazon for Β£4.99.

Secret Treehouse Sticker Book

Norfolk Mums | Peter Rabbit Book Series

If your child loves stickers (who doesn’t?), stories and puzzles – they are bound to love this sticker book!

The book features 16 glossy pages and quality stickers. Unlike a standard sticker book, this book features puzzles and activities which engages children, keeping them amused and busy. It encourages them to place certain stickers once they have completed a activity or challenge and has additional stickers which the children can place where ever they want to.

This sticker book is available from Amazon for Β£3.99.

Thoughts overall

My 4 year old daughter loved these books and they kept her busy for hours. She was able to read and understand the storylines with ease and enjoyed telling me about all the characters.

Her favourite out of the three books was the sticker book. She loved putting her name in it and making it “hers” and completing the puzzles and challenges.

These books are high quality and have lovely glossy pictures. I would recommend these to any mums looking for a few reasonably priced extra presents for Christmas.

If your children love Peter Rabbit, you can sign up to his club newsletter here.

Disclosure: We received these products to review and keep from Puffin, however all opinions are our own. Price correct to the best of our knowledge at time of publication, however, please always make sure you check current price of products yourself before purchase.


Thanks to the lovely people at Puffin, we have a set of Peter Rabbit books for you to win.

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71 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit Book Series

  1. Jane Wright

    My youngest (of 5 ) is now 25 years old, but I read to them everyday or night until about the age of 7 or when they no longer needed or wanted me to. I read with my grandchildren at every opportunity and grab my niece and nephew too when I can. I am a great believer in the power of the written word and how better to start than with timeless classics like Peter rabbit

  2. natalie moore

    i used to love peter rabbit and all the beautrix potter books id love to read them to my daughter like my mum did me

  3. Holly Hadjigeorgiou

    Both my husband and I read to our two children every day. We have bedtime stories where we all sit down together, it is a lovely way to end the day and spend some quality time as a family.

  4. Jessica T

    We read at least once a day to each of our children. We are currently on the Faraway Series by Enid Blyton. My children (4 and 1) love books and I will often find the older one reading to her baby sister – gives me oodles of peace.

  5. Tobys proud mummy

    My little one and I love to snuggle up and read at every opportunity its a great way of learning and we love looking at the colourful pictures and often sing songs with the books if you encourage books from an early age it becomes part of a way of life .

  6. Monica Gilbert

    I read to/with my daughter throughout the day. She has lots of books she likes to flip through and bring to us to read to her. It’s great to see how she’s slowly but surely picking up words and intonations.


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