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Over the past five years my body has changed dramatically. I have gone from being a fit, slender woman who could eat whatever they wanted to a mum who is 2 stone heavier and suffers with ongoing health problems.

I am not entirely sure what sparked this downward spiral. Seeing as I lost all my post pregnancy weight simply by giving up fizzy drinks – i’m not convinced having a baby is to blame.

During this period, I have spent my time squeezing my tummy into trousers, silently crying to myself in changing rooms at the thought of buying the next size up, getting awkward “is she pregnant again” glances, feeling down about my appearance and walking around like an 80 year old woman due to abdominal and lower back pain.

Personally, all my weight gain has been round my tummy. It’s bloody annoying as my clothes fit everywhere apart from my stomach – if I go a size up my bum literally disappears! It’s widely reported how dangerous the fat around your middle is. It is said to increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and certain cancers. I might only be 27 but this report does worry me!

I’ve come to the simple conclusion… I don’t care what caused this. I simply have had enough! I am tired of asking doctors “what’s wrong with me”. If I want to get back to being “me” and feeling happy and healthy – I need to make it happen!

Okay, so every woman has been in a place where they use every excuse possible when it comes to exercise… I sure have. Things like:

  • “I’ll wait until after my period” – then forget completely.
  • “Oh I ache after that last session, I will have a days rest” – then forget completely.
  • “I have a busy week. Let’s get this week out the way and then I will get on it” – then forget completely.
  • “I don’t feel well, best wait till I am better” – then forget completely.
  • “It’s been a rubbish day, this massive bar of chocolate needs me more. I will start tomorrow” – … I think you know where I am going…

From today I will be starting work on the new me. I have a few ideas up my sleeve which involve new running trainers, an exercise bike, a juicer and lots of iPhone apps. I will be blogging on a weekly basis, letting you all know how I am getting on. I will be as brutally honest as possible, if something is useless or just doesn’t work for me – I will be sure to fill you all in.

Will there be a new you this New Year?

If you are starting the New Year with plans to get fit and healthy, I would love to hear from you. Why not share you experiences and what worked / didn’t work for you.

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