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I’m sat here this morning, dogs laying at my legs hoping to scrounge a bit of toast from me (no way sorry guys, it’s avocado on toast and far too yummy!) and watching my babies play. My coffee, in my favourite mug, is just the right temperature (not too hot, not too cold) and it’s my birthday tomorrow.  Another year older and wiser? Apparently.

Sitting here quietly with my thoughts, I realise that it’s been a while since I had hot coffee. I normally drink it mildly warm “when I remember” and mostly cool (iced coffee, anyone?!) but it doesn’t bother me, ever.

You see, I’m very aware I’m living on borrowed time here. These 3 babies of mine are growing at an astounding rate. My eldest is 8 in 2 weeks and I still struggle to comprehend that fact!

When people say to you, “oh time passes quickly when you have children!” you never really grasp that fact UNTIL you are 8 years nearly down the line and are wishing you could slow time, wishing you could maybe go back 2 years and do them over!  These precious times with you babies, so wanted and cherished just slipping away through your fingers.

All the moments wasted doing pointless rubbish that you now regret as wasted opportunities that could have been better spent with your babies.

BUT ….. watching these babies grow up, I realise I’m blessed to be an active spectator in their little lives. Even now, the three of them are playing and laughing so hard they can barely talk and my heart swells with pride mixed with adoration for those 3 little ones.

So on the eve of my birthday (when I’m clearly turning 21 again) I’m feeling reflective but not sad. I’m feeling blessed for all the times we’ve had and I’m feeling lucky for all the times we will still have.  That I get to watch these babies learn, grow and develop and that I get to be a part of it all!

So if you feel sad at moments lost, realise you still have oceans of time and opportunities ahead.  Grab them all and make the most of them.

J x

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