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I’d tidied the house, put our daughter in a pretty dress, brushed her hair (well attempted to) and dug the teapot out from the dusty depth of the cupboard for their arrival. I was nervous and eager to give them a good impression of our family.

One hour later……

Shock, excitement and slight violation. These are the three things I felt as I said goodbye to our new social workers after our first visit.

I guess I’d expected a friendly chat over a cup of tea. What we received was most definitely friendly but a friendly barrage of questions about every perceivable personal and private issue either my husband or I had ever encountered!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete idiot and I was totally expecting these questions at some stage… just not by two complete strangers on our first visit. In our written application and medicals we were both honest as we don’t feel the need to hide anything and let’s face it, everyone has a few skeletons in their closet!

Personally, I suffered from an eating disorder in my late teens which obviously had an impact on my life. But if I hadn’t had that misfortune then I would never have moved to Norfolk, never would have met the love of my life and had my beautiful daughter. Swings and roundabouts in my opinion…

Although I’m open to discussing it, it certainly made me “squirm” a little when asked to give a good answer to “So tell me why it started?”.

Anyway I digress. My point is that I hadn’t expected the first visit to be a process of elimination. They were testing us to ensure neither of us wasted any of each others time if they knew we wouldn’t pass the final panel.

Luckily we did pass the first barrage of questions and at least the awkward “ummmm” moments are over now!

Next is the house healthy and safety assessment followed by a look back into our childhoods and teenage years… shouldn’t take too long then πŸ˜‰

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