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Well here it goes, the start of an unexpected and life changing adventure in life…..fostering.

It struck me one day whilst driving home after an exhausting and tedious day at work that I wasn’t doing what was right for myself and my family. My incredible 3 year old daughter was sat in the back telling me about the fantastic time she’d had visiting the zoo that day with her childminder and it made me sad.

Why was I killing myself physically, emotionally and financially just to say “I’m a working mother”?

So that explains why I gave up work but why fostering?

We are inundated with stories of child neglect in today’s media and we all shake our heads and tut but do we actually think about what the stories really mean?

They mean that there are children out there that have never had a goodnight kiss, never had someone snuggle up with them and read books, never had someone nag them to eat their peas, never had a birthday cake with candles, never had a raspberry blown on their tummies and never heard the three words we perhaps take for granted “I love you”.

Now I am certainly no Mother Theresa. You only have to speak to my husband to hear stories of tears over a meal I’d slaved over that my LO wouldn’t eat and I still feel rising panic when I hear “Mummy,I want the play doh out please”.

However, I can sleep soundly at night knowing that my little girl knows just how much she is loved. There are children out there that don’t and if I have the opportunity to provide that for even just one child then this whole process will be worth it.

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Mum of one gorgeous girl embarking on an exciting journey into fostering. If like me you are curious about fostering and want to know more then maybe my little blog is for you. Watch out for my next blog post.

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