Feeling hot hot hot!

IMG_4826Ah Mummy’s! How hot has it been recently?! Seriously it’s like a constant steamy shower! And not in a good way!

Are you struggling to keep your little ones cool as much as I am? I’m finding the constant struggle between them wanting to play outside and me yelling, “darling, sun cream! Hat!” It’s a never ending battle to keep them cool and safe in the sun isn’t it!

I’ve come up with a few top tips to help!

⭐️ Find shade and stay in it.

If they want to be outside, invest in a gazebo if you don’t have shade in your garden!

⭐️ Paddling pools!

Such a cheap and easy way to have lots of fun AND stay cool! Add lots of watering cans, buckets, water toys and maybe even bubbles!

⭐️Big sun hats!

We got some amazingly large brimmed ones from Primark this year and cheap as chips for only about £4 each! Get a hat on that head!

⭐️ Decent sun cream!

Not all sun cream is created equal! We adore Ultra Sun factor 50. Touch wood, in all the years we’ve used it we’ve never had sunburn.

⭐️Long sleeves! Leggings!

We use light layers but I always try and keep my children’s arms and legs covered! Saves worry over sunburn!


Grab some lolly molds and make some juice ice lollies and always have in the freezer! A brilliant way to cool down! Add some chopped fruit to them for a funky treat!

⭐️Water water water!

Children forget so easily to drink! I’m constantly having to remind my eldest! Ensure they are drinking plenty!

⭐️Fans and air conditioning units!

These are a great investment! We purchased an air conditioning unit recently and it’s definitely been worth the cash!


Having fun in the summer and creating life long memories is so wonderful and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the warm weather safely! Enjoy Mummy’s! ❤

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