Denim blues

Jeans. Denim.

We all wear them don’t we?
They are my go to wardrobe. They work hard and are comfortable!  You can dress them up or down.  Basically they are wardrobe staples!
Today I had to buy new jeans. My current pairs all have seen better days and my Mum was going to disown me for being scruffy. Oooops!

So, cue shopping. It used to be one of my favourite things, clothes shopping.  Before children I shudder now to think of the money I used to happily spend!  Now not so much.  Obviously being a Mummy of three I have very different priorities now!

I used to be a slim size 10. Easy to buy anything pretty much I wanted to wear. Three babies later and safe to say my body has changed and curves have appeared where I never had them before!
But it’s cool, I’m fine with that but what I’m not ok with is the size of jeans!
I tried jeans on in the same size in 6 different shops today and they all fit very differently. Some fit just fine, some were too big, some too small!!! All the same dress size though! A size 12 is a different size In every shop!
This got me to thinking though ladies, this isn’t good for our self esteem! In the shops where the jeans were too small I was on the verge of collapsing and sobbing in the corner of the changing room. In the shops where the jeans were too big, I was ready to high five myself for a job well done!

Why are these all not one universal size, like men’s jeans?!
My hubby tries a pair of 32 regular jeans on in any shop and they fit. Period.

So why do we women not have the same?
Is it not enough that we suffer periods, labour etc, we also have dodgy jean sizes too?

So, to all of you beautiful ladies who have found extra curves since having babies, who’s jeans size varies in every bloody shop and who feel like crying or you feel pure elation depending on which shop and which jeans size …. I salute you. Together we are suffering the same fate. Together we have the same troubles.
But let’s remember, as Ed Sheeran puts it so perfectly, “life is more than fitting in your jeans…”

Thank you Ed. You are so right.

Still though, rock that denim ladies and be proud, whatever size that’s in.  ❤IMG_5076i

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