Christmas Crafts

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend time making things with the kids. We have put together 5 great Christmas Crafts your children will love (you might even enjoy it a bit too!).

Salt Dough Decorations

Norfolk Mums | Christmas Crafts

If you are looking for something fun, creative but easy for younger children – salt dough decorations are perfect.

The dough is really cheap and easy to make. Once you have made your shapes your children can paint and decorate these any way they like!

Visit for an easy to follow recipe.

Stained Glass Cookies

Norfolk Mums | Christmas Crafts

These stained glass cookies look incredibly pretty and are great as gifts or to hang as decorations on your Christmas tree.

Making these cookies is easy and your children will love using colourful boiled sweets to create the stained glass effect.

Betterware have a great reciepe to get you started.

Hanging Ice Ornament

Norfolk Mums | Christmas Crafts

Judging by how cold it is at the moment, it won’t be long till Ice and snow is on the way!

This winter why not try making hanging ice ornaments?

The cool thing about these is you can make any shape you like. You can also add things like berries, holly or flowers to the ice to make them even prettier.

Photo from Instructables.


Norfolk Mums | Christmas Crafts

Who doesn’t love Rudolph!?

Let your children get their hands in paint and use the prints to make their very own Rudolph. You can also make Santa using handprints.

Photo from Pinterest.

Paper Decorations

Norfolk Mums | Christmas Crafts

Paper decorations are cheap to make, yet can be really beautiful.

With all the different types of paper and card available today, there really is endless possibilities and designs you can make.

Beauty & Bedlam have some wonderful examples of what decorations you can make.

Got Your Own Ideas?

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Craft suggestions. If you have anymore, we would love to see your ideas in our comments 🙂

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  1. Tobys proud mummy

    We absolutely love Crafting at Christmas there are so many things you can make together love the rudolph hands


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