Norfolk Mums Community


We have an online community for Norfolk Mums to connect, interact and rant in a safe space, as well as share their experiences of their lives with their kids and families!


Our Norfolk Mums meet ups are friendly and relaxed events for mums to meet other mums in their local communities. 

The nursery and school gates can be quite a scary place, and can feel isolating at times, due to the ‘exclusive groups’ of mums that are usually naturally formed, so our meet ups aim to break down these barriers and get all mums connecting together and supporting one another, making for a more inclusive open community!

The meet ups usually take place monthly at a local venue within the community, such as a café or public house.  There is no agenda, just a relaxed place for mums to come together, and of course kids are welcome to come and play too!

If you would like to find out more about hosting a Norfolk Mums meet up in your area, please contact us using our contact form