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Morning coffee ……

I’m sat here this morning, dogs laying at my legs hoping to scrounge a bit of toast from me (no way sorry guys, it’s avocado on toast and far too yummy!) and watching my babies play. My coffee, ... read more
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Feeling hot hot hot!

Ah Mummy’s! How hot has it been recently?! Seriously it’s like a constant steamy shower! And not in a good way! Are you struggling to keep your little ones cool as much as I am? I’m ... read more

Smoothielicious Smoothies

Norfolk Mums | Smoothielicious Smoothies
I recently posted about how this year is a New Year, New Me! Like a lot of mothers (I am sure), I run around making sure everyone is washed, fed and the chores are done – I seem to completely forget ... read more
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New Year – New Me!

Norfolk Mums | New Year - New Me!
Over the past five years my body has changed dramatically. I have gone from being a fit, slender woman who could eat whatever they wanted to a mum who is 2 stone heavier and suffers with ongoing health ... read more
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Christmas Crafts

Norfolk Mums | Christmas Crafts
Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend time making things with the kids. We have put together 5 great Christmas Crafts your children will love (you might even enjoy it a bit too!). Salt Dough ... read more
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Fostering – The First Visit

Norfolk Mums | Fostering - The First Visit
I’d tidied the house, put our daughter in a pretty dress, brushed her hair (well attempted to) and dug the teapot out from the dusty depth of the cupboard for their arrival. I was nervous and eager ... read more
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Peter Rabbit Book Series

Norfolk Mums | Peter Rabbit Book Series
Beatrix Potter is well known for her timeless character Peter Rabbit. Loved by children of all generations, Peter Rabbit comes to life in brand new series based on the well-loved children’s books. We ... read more